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Q. What's the secret to making money in Trucking?

  • Know what to charge for loads

  • Know where your money is going

  • Make more profit on every load

Introducing Cost Per Mile Calculator
Track Expenses  

Track Expenses

  • Quickly set up monthly payment amounts
  • Simple to use expense entry screen
  • Even use estimated expenses to plan ahead!
Track Mileage  

Track Miles

  • Use odometer readings for accurate mileages
  • One step entry on all expense screens
  • Know before you go using planned trip miles
Trucking Reports  

Track Results

  • Easy to understand graph reports
  • View stats by unit or by expense type
  • One click export to excel and PDF
Fleet Management  

For your entire Fleet

  • Track expenses and miles for Unlimited Trucks!
  • Assign unlimited users
  • Include all non-trucking costs as well
Cost Per Mile Calculator
Get started in 3 easy steps
  1. Set-up your profile
  2. Enter some expenses
  3. Enter some miles
Using a simple to understand dashboard!
And if you do get stuck...
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"Understanding cost per mile is great"

- Andy E, Collingwood, ON

"I make more money now than before"

- Dave C - Barrie, ON

The number one question we get at ITS Dispatch is "How do I make money as an owner operator or trucking company?" The simple answer to this question is "Learn how to calculate cost per mile." This is the one huge topic they don't teach you at Trucking Schools. Since 2008 we've helped over 7000 trucking companies and owner operators process over 9,200,000 freight loads using our ITS Dispatch trucking software. We've been through the same ups and downs as you have in the trucking industry. We know the strength of our transportation software is directly related to the strength of your trucking business. That's why we have created this free cost per mile calculator. We've used the same powerful tools we've developed for the ITS Dispatch Trucking software to help you stay organized. Whether you are starting a trucking company or you have been a road warrior for many years, my hope is you will use this tool to better understand your trucking company costs and make money every time your wheels turn.

Raye Ackerman
President – ITS Dispatch